Properly Use a Blinker to Show Your Intention of Turning Movements

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How other drivers and pedestrians know your intention to turn, change lanes or pass a vehicle? You may already know what the answer is for this question.
Turn signals became standard equipment on most cars during the 1960s. Nowadays, all cars come equipped with blinking turn signals letting the motoring public to know what a driver is going to do. This smart solution do lead to greater safety and comfort for the drivers and pedestrians. However, some drivers don’t seem to know they exit or how to use them properly.

signal a turn signal, use your blinkers to make the other drivers aware of your intentions
According to a released report, nearly half of drivers don’t signal to change lanes or turn. Failure to use a turn signal is not only one common traffic violation but also a much bigger problem that cause numerous car accidents a year. Drivers just ignore the traffic law and not to use their vehicle turn signals before any movement is made. It is a leading cause of road crashes.

So next time, when you are behind the wheel, it is better to use your blinkers to make the other drivers aware of your intentions and give them enough time to adapt or respond. Signal your intention all the time is a good habit to have and make you a safer driver.
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