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Brand Story
Genplus Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 Taiwan. 
Our corporate name “GENPLUS”, is a combination of the words “Genius“ and “Plus”.
Genius: to create products touching people’s hearts by intelligent technologies
Plus: is the development of unique products that surpass customer expectations.
This is the core significance behind GENPLUS.

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GENPLUS is not just our company name but also our private brand. 
We are deeply concerned with the issues of environmental protection and road
safety. Hence, we choose eco-friendly “LED” lighting fixtures that can efficiently
improve the pedestrian safety as our initial and main innovation and development. 
Now we are proud of our abundant know-hows and talents in lighting optics,
optical design, and lighting-fixture R&D.
Since the foundation in 2007,
we’ve accumulated rich and comprehensive experiences of product development and
the professional manufacturing capability. Currently we can provide all-in-one service from design,
development domain and manufacturing high-quality and innovative LED lighting fixtures. 

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As an ISO 9001- and IATF 16949-certified company,
we are committed to provide good quality, comprehensive after-sales services as well as a highly efficient manufacturing
process to gain our customers’ trust and keep our products competitive. 
We supply wide-ranging LED lighting products, including headlights, fog lights,
daytime running lights(DRL), driving lights & turning lights, heavy duty lights, light bars, working lights, and etc.,
most of which comply with SAE, ECE, DOT standards.

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Our products mostly serve the mid and high-end markets around the world. After
years of business development and operations, our quality and innovative products
have become widely popular among customers in major markets such as Europe,
North America, and East Asia. We provide an all-round service from design to manufacturing.  
You are welcome to contact us if you have any proposal of innovative ideas related to LED vehicular lights.
Our R&D design and manufacturing capabilities are your strong support and resource.
We will be your best partner.

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