All-Round Service
We provide an all-round service of R&D and manufacture with not only breadth but also width. We offer clients a complete solution that including initial conception, style design, optics design, mechanism design, certification of circuit design, certification of software and hardware integration, prototype manufacture, mold development, injection molding, product assembly, product reliability test, etc. to satisfy their needs of R&D and manufacture.
Flow of all-round service

Flexible Production
With flexibility, we can adjust the production process flexibly to cope with various customer demands and promptly respond to different customer requirements. Through all the experiences of product design and manufacture, we devote ourselves to making things better and continuously optimizing production process. We enhance supply chain management, optimize production management, and innovate process techniques to achieve flexible production.

Modular Production
With professional and prospective marketing analyses, plus the professional manufacture knowledge, we develop various modularized products for clients based on the segmentation of differentiated markets. We also provide flexible adjustments for modular products to assist clients in creating product differentiation, and to maximize their market share and bring business into full play.

Exclusive Customization
For clients with their own product developing plans in hand, we can provide the most appropriate specification suggestions and work out the feasible solutions based on the customer expectation to ensure high quality and lower cost. This is an all-round service with flexibility and diversification.

Technical Support Service
We have a professional design team to listen to clients’ needs and offer the best solution of product design by combining with the market development trend. At the beginning of cooperation, our front-end staff will fully understand clients’ expectations and integrate those expectations with the technologies of our R&D staff to propose the best solution which satisfies clients’ needs. During the design stage, our design team will also cooperate with factory-end for the overall evaluation of product design to reduce the risks in the process of mass production.

After-Sales Services
We provide the real-time maintenance analysis and renew service for the products of mass production. In addition, we flexibly enhance the specifications according to the feedbacks from the market.
We consider that clients are our long-term partners, so we draw the dedicated product blueprints exclusively for clients and assist clients in formulating the long-term product plans. We hope to grow and make breakthrough with clients and help them create the benefits of sustainable operation.

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