►Professional technical fields
Optical Lens Design
Ventilation Mechanism Design
Heat Dissipation Structure Design
Light-weight Aluminum Reflector
Advanced Multiple Reflection Technique
Fully-waterproof Mechanism Design
Angle-adjustable Mechanism Design
Multi-layer Anti-corrosion Surface Treatment Technology

►Process of new product development

Proposal Evaluation Design / Development Certification Mass Production
Step 1. Proposal
Including: Concept Proposal, Product Styling, Product Functions, Related Standards, Regulation Definition, and etc.
Step 2. Evaluation
Including: Development Evaluation, Production Evaluation, Cost Evaluation, Feasibility Evaluation, and Market Evaluation
Step 3. Design/Development
Including: Product Design, Prototype Design, Mold Development, Engineering Method Design, Pilot Run, Method Optimization
Step 4. Certification
Including: Specification Test, Functionality Test, Performance Test, Environment Test, Regulation Test
Step 5. Mass Production 
New process setup and trial run and then get into mass production.

We have devoted our attention to satisfy client’s creativity and needs, kept flexible applications to adapt to various needs, and constantly developed technologies to create more values for clients. To keep the product competitiveness quality guarantee, we will continue to pay much attention to technology development and demand in the future, and apply them to the R&D of new products. We value each development entrusted by our customer, from which our techniques and development capabilities become more mature.

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