How long do car headlights last?

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headlights on the road, how long do car headlights last?
There are several categories of headlights, such as LED, HID, Xenon, and Tungsten-Halogen lighting systems. The differences between these lighting systems are significant, for instance the ways they work, the brightness of them or the components of them. When picking a new headlight for your vehicle or if you are a frequent night driver, you may care about this question: How long they can last?
In fact, there are various factors affect their lifespan. No matter what type of headlight, it can last longer or burn out faster, it all depends. An approximate number is determined by voltage, watts, lumens and a few other factors.
From the following table, you will have a clear concept about average lifespan.

headlights average lifespan
These numbers are rough averages but they still can be the reference to let you figure out the approximate life of you headlights. If you find that your headlights are burning out obviously faster, then there is probably an underlying problem somewhere of the vehicle. For road safety, it is better to deal properly with it at once.
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