All Genplus products conform to the requirement of high quality and are with Quality Assurance.
What is Quality Assurance? How we do to make it?
About quality management system
In order to fulfill our all-round quality policy, we extend the quality management from design, production and customer satisfaction as following.
1. Design quality: We strictly inspect all product designs not only for satisfying clients’ requirements of quality but also for asking ourselves to go beyond clients' expectations.
2. Production quality: In addition to the production process in conformation to all international quality certifications, we also encourage ourselves to “surpass current standards and lead the industry”.
3. All-round quality management at client-end: For various problems encountered by the clients, we sincerely listen to our clients and care about them and assist them in solving their various problems.
About manufacturing process management
We provide a solution package that includes design and performance validation to shorten the time needed for the development of new products and mass production.
The production is scheduled in the most efficient way so that the clients would be satisfied with the on-time delivery and high quality.
We offer clients a professional and streamlined production process which can shorten the production time and elevate production capacity.
We investigate every product by the most professional analysis and the engineering methods to constantly lower production costs.
We develop all kinds of manufacturing technology to build a high-quality product line customized for our clients and achieve their expected goals.
We offer clients a package with flexible production to manufacture many models in small quantities to satisfy their specific needs.Our manufacturing process management emphasizes the client-oriented and process-oriented effectiveness. "Make things better and best" is our principle. For fulfilling clients’ expectations and demands, we provide the clients with quality manufacture and constantly improve products with our experience accumulated in the past. By all these, we build the sustained competitive advantages of products and make the commitments of steady quality.
About to comply with international standards and specification
We constantly work on maintaining the stability of production quality. Our company has been certified by ISO9001 & IATF 16949 which is a global quality management system for automotive industry. Also, our products have been certified by US SAE and EU ECE, both of which are the international regulations and standards of car lights.
We do not only value the product quality but also work hard on product innovation. We always insist on providing best products and best service to our clients, and constantly improve our production processes and offer advanced manufacturing technology to do quality assurance work. We believe that excellent quality and good service would be the great assistance to our clients.
About to surpass clients' expectations
We do not only completely satisfy client's needs but also provide products and service beyond expectation.
Through all the experiences of product design, manufacturing technology ,and with flexible manufacturing system, we think them over in a forward-looking way to make a possible breakthrough. In order to move toward the goals of better quality, lower costs, and shorter leading-time, we keep working on optimization of production processes and complete training system for the employees. Moreover, we have flexible production process to satisfy the customer expectation.

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