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Core Values

We uphold a corporate culture that is people-oriented and driven by our pursuit of
excellence. Being a people-orient4d company means having "Credibility",
"Responsibility" and "Care". Our business philosophy, "pursuit of excellence "
stands for "Innovation" and "Service".



We value the partnerships with both our clients and suppliers in
cooperation and growth together. Credibility is what we require for
ourselves. It is that we treat the people around us with cordiality and
manage our business with the highest standards of morality. With
credible business faith, we build an environment for sustainable oper-
ation. We also cherish such sustainable operation environment and
credible partnership.



We do not easily give out promises to clients. Once promises made,
we are prepared to go the greatest distance to keep these words.
Whatever our clients demand or whichever the problems they
encounter, we strive to deal with and fundamentally resolve such
issues from their perspective. We are responsible for our clients.



It is to interact with the society. It comes from the bottom of our hearts and pushes
us to be active on the look out to reach out to the society with the “heart” and care
for our clients and employees. That is the best way to maintain long-term partner-
ship and the most efficient way to keep staff cohesion, both of which are the vital
factors to support long-term operation for Genplus.



It is that we create values for clients to increase the competitiveness, including the innovations
of strategy, marketing, management, technology, manufacture, and etc. Genplus values the
innovation from all aspects all the time. Teamwork is introduced to improve what we are doing,
and new technology and knowledge are adopted to brainstorm new level of work, idea and
method to inject energy and creativity in the operations of company and create new value for
clients. We work hard to establish a long-term partnership with our clients, making us a reliable
and important partner which our clients can trust.



We are driven by client preferences and benefits. To provide the best service in the team, inter-
nally, we request all employees to actively serve colleagues and other departments like the way
they serve clients to streamline the overall working process; externally, we request all employ-
ees to actively participate in clients' lives, care for clients' needs and think over their problems
from their perspectives to find out the solution with empathy. The added value of products is
raised by intelligent and creative service. Through client-oriented service, we earn the endorse-
ment and trust from clients.

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