How do we provide support?
We believe that we have strong support and resource to convert your concept or ideal into a successful product on the market.
Style and Appearance Design
In order to display your concepts and ideas of new products, we use clear-cut 3D drawings to simulate the final look and appearance. 3D drawings can precisely show the initial prototype of new product and you can easily and clearly confirm the vision of new product styling in advance.
Mechanism Design
Our technical staff can help you predetermine errors during 3D modeling. This enables us to adjust and improve the product design in advance and prevent the potential technical problems. Therefore, we can shorten the time needed for molding development and reduce errors in design to lead to a successful new product development.

Simulation Analysis
We use computer-aided simulations to evaluate and correct the product design or mold design in terms of product outlook, property of material, forming method, etc. By performing simulation analysis, we can save the test time, decrease the waste of material and the risk of development failure.
Optical Reflector Design
Our advanced reflecting mirrors, freeform curve surface and multiple reflection have been certified by SAE international and answer to ECE/JIS regulations.

Light Pattern Simulation
We simulate all possible light forms before conducting practical tests.

Circuit Design
By the simulations and analyses of circuit design software on the computer, we can optimize the performance in the design process and confirm that these circuits conform to the specification of related certifications.

For new development, we provide full-size prototype for review and confirmation of product outlooks, material usage, structural strength and precise assembly.

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