Why most of LED headlights and bulbs are 6000K?

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With the advantages-efficiency, long lifespan, and better visibility, LED headlights are becoming more and more common and popular.

When searching for LED headlight bulbs or LED replacement headlights, you will notice that on the market most LED headlights and bulbs are 6000K, as for the options of 5000K, 7000K or other color temperatures are few in number. Why is 6000K color temperature? You can say it is a reflection of what people want and a result of cost and power balance.

6000K is a cool color temperature and defined as “Day White” color. Usually, cooler light be perceived as” bright enough” and look awesome if when they come to automotive lighting. The color temperature 6000K has the satisfied conditions as above mentioned. Additionally, 6000K is quite close to the color temperature of the sun 5800K. Then, why not just take 5800K to be an option? Indeed, 5800K maybe a perfect color to be a forward light source. However, 6000K and 5800K both are close as few hundred Kelvins that would be undetectable to the human eyes. Therefore, you see 6000K on the market not 5800K. 6000K is a “Day White” color, which is comparable to daylight in spectra and conform to normal human eye needs.

In addition, 6000K is the balance between product cost and power. For manufacture, 6000K chips are easier and cheaper to make.
As above mentioned, that is why the most of LED headlights and bulbs are in color temperature 6000K.

6000K LED headlight bulbs, day white color, color temperature 6000K
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