How to resist the temptation to use phones while driving?

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In the present day, obviously cell phones are indispensable to many people and make their life so easier. You may notice that people seem to use their phones all the time even when they are behind the wheel. However, actually using a cell phone while driving is illegal and may be life threatening.use your mobile phone as a sat nav, driving safety first
Using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is generally considered to distract driver’s attention from the road and to increase the chance of accidents. Many different studies have also shown that drivers use a phone while driving, the risk of collision was four time higher than drivers who don’t use. When sending a text message or using social media services, a driver’s eyes are off the road for at least 5 seconds and at the same time, you are already at the greatest risk of accident. Because of these reasons, many countries have at least banned the use of a hand-held cell phone when driving.
 You may fully understand how dangerous it is while you are managing a car and emotionally involved in a conversation all at once. But you just can’t resist the temptation to use the phone at all. For staying with safety and saving your money, you may try to do so to reduce phone distractions.
►Silence the phone when driving
►turn off notifications
►Look phones with a text passphrase
►Put phones far far away, such as in the truck

Driving safely, drivers have to pay full attention to the road and to other vehicles
Maybe you are used to take a cell phone as a sat nav., just like most drivers do. Basically, you can use your advice as a sat nav. ,but ensure that it is secured in a holder correctly and voice function is on. In some countries, the driving law forbids touching or re-programming the device while driving. To curb this illegal behavior, you can try to plan your journey in advance and program the GPS before head to your destination.
Here are more tips for you to know what you can and can’t do when you are behind the wheel.
 You are not allowed to touch any buttons on your phone/ tablet or use your device when you are stopped at lights, queuing in traffic, or your car is parked but the engine is running. You are free to use your phone only when your car is parked and the engine is off.

Do hands-free kits help? Hands-free kits provide an illusion of safety indeed, but you may not believe that they are nearly as distracting as hand-held devices, research has shown this. You can use a hands-free kit when driving but better not to touch any buttons/ screen on your phone. It is important to remember this. If the police think you are not in control of your vehicle while using hands-free, you probably lose your money. “Stop or leave a call to go to voicemail” may be the best way to keep your money even if you have a hands-free phone.
 Phones are not the only distraction, but they are most dangerous. 100% put your phones away and with your focus now on the road, you and your fellow drivers will be far safer. If you still need to talk on your phone while driving, you can sensibly and safely use a hands-free phone to make a brief call. using phone when behind the wheel, texting message while driving
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