How to drive defensively to save your time and money?

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How safe do you think you are on the roads?
You may hear about defensive-driving can keep you safe on the road. You may not believe that this techniques can even save your time and money. Here are some tips to help you drive defensively to stay safer on the roads.
►Concentrate on the road, keeping your hands on the wheel.
Be a safe driver, don’t do other tasks while driving. You may don’t know some of them are illegal and will lead you to a dangerous situation. They include:
  • Using a mobile phone behind the wheel or frequently checking your phones
  • Applying makeup
  • Eating
  • Tending to a child
  • Bending to pick up things
►Keep a clear head.
When you are tired or feeling sleepy, please don’t drive.Falling asleep at the wheel is a serious issue because driving tired as risky as driving drunk. To safe drivers, getting the right amount and quality of sleep is extremely important, because it affects reaction times and the quality of decisions we make. Next time, when you are feeling sleepy, please stop driving to take a rest.

►Curbing your emotions behind wheel.
According to a survey, positive and negative emotions both can have a harmful effect on driving and could increase the chances of an accident. Many drivers think that only negative emotions, such as anger, stress, anxiety and nervousness, have bad influence on driving safety. In fact, drivers feeling positive can also affect driving ability and it may more reckless on the road.

►Drive at speeds that most other drivers are going.
Speeding can cause accidents as most drivers know, but driving too slow can be dangerous, too.

►Continuously scan the road ahead and look in your mirrors to anticipate problems before they develop.

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►Make yourself visible and use auto lamps good timing.
Many road collisions occur because drivers did not see other cars. You may refer to follow simple ways to make your existence known on the road.
  • Turn signals: By using turn signals to let other drivers know where you are going. Blinkers can help other drivers to anticipate your actions and slow down safely.
  • Headlights: Turn on your headlights as it grow dusk or anytime the engine is running. Normally, drivers think this is for they to see the road clearly but this is also for other drivers to see you more. In some countries, it is illegal to drive without your headlights on while vehicles are in operation.
  • Brake lights: How other drivers to know you are slowing down? Brake light is the answer. In traffic flow, other drivers can recognize you are slowing down via brake lights to reduce their speed. It is a safety must.
►Know well blind spots and avoid lingering in blind spot areas.
Every car has blind spots. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers only check their mirrors before making a turn or lane change. To properly merge, drivers should turn his/ her head to make sure no one is in your blind spot. Every driver or rider should know well where the blind spots are located on a car and don’t spending a lot of time in the areas. This is an important defensive-driving technique.

►Avoid being the victim of an aggressive driver, resist road rage.
Aggressive driving is a real threat to the safety of all road users. You may be infuriated by aggressive drivers, but do not retaliate with similar behaviors because it is very dangerous. Some potentially aggressive actions, such as speeding, tailgating, illegal passing, cutting off or driving slowly in the left lane may anger you. Maybe you can try to take a passive approach in dealing with road rage. To use specific strategies to protect yourself from other drivers’ unsafe driving behaviors.If everyone is a cautious and courteous driver, we believe that every driving will be more enjoyable and safer.

►Familiarize with traffic rules and do your best to follow the rules of the road.
We believe it is good thinking to help you stay safer on the road. Just to change your attitude and driving behavior, you will see the great benefit to your safety, your time and your money.
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