Can I drive with fog lamps on all the way?

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Most of today’s vehicles have fog lamps, including front fog lamps and rear fog lamps.
When to use fog lamps is correct, do you really know?

Fog lights should not be turned off when the visibility improves. Fog light is for poor weather.
You might ever notice that some drivers put fog lights on all the way in good visibility. Actually, it is very dangerous and irritating, since the other road users have been blinded by them and this might lead to traffic accidents. Besides, the drivers are breaking the law and it could lead to them being pulled up by the police.
Good fog lights help to improve the visibility in heavy fog, rain, or snow.

Fog lights can be very useful and helpful if used in appropriate conditions. But they can also be very dangerous to drivers and other road users if used incorrectly. Fog lamps are for heavy fog, rain, or snow. When visibility is seriously reduced, use fog lights. This generally means when the visibility is less than 100 meters, you may use front fog lamps which are designed to spread the beam wider for a shorter distance (about 3-5 meters) of the road. As for red rear fog lamps, they may only be used when you cannot see for more than 50 meters. Fog lamps are designed to help the driver clearly see the edges of the road only in poor weather, or they should be turned off almost all the time.
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