Driving with automatic headlights or daytime running lamps during day

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The purpose of automatic headlights or daytime running lamps (DRLs) is to improve the visibility of a vehicle to other drivers, as well as other road users during the day. In the other words, the work of both lights is not “to see well” but “to be seen well”. Research has shown that vehicles with light on during the daylight hours are likely to prevent vehicle daytime accidents and fatalities. Being according to the research result, it seems contribute to reduce the number of accidents by up to 5.9%.

Daytime use of daytime running lights,low-wattage lights

More and more countries, they have mandatory laws to regulate driving with light on during daylight, no matter to use DRLs or low beam headlights. How to have a proper choice can be a subject. If to consider fuel consumption, you may have an easy way to make up your mind.
Condition 1
When driving with low-beam headlights on, the taillights and instrument lights are also illuminated at the same time during the day. The total power consumption is about 200~300 watts and so extra consumption of precious gasoline is increased.
Condition 2
When driving with DRLs on, they consume 30 watts (some special DRL lamps use less energy than this value). If to compare with headlights, daytime running lamps can save fuel consumption by 25~30%. Besides, the lamps have the advantages, conform to official ECE regulations concerning DRL, purpose-made, small, bright enough but not cause dazzle.
From above information, you may have your decision. No matter what it is, it can bring you a safe driving.

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