7 inches Headlight, LED High Beam Low Beam Headlights with DRLG30901 series

•Multi-Function: High beam / Low beam/ Daytime running light •Plug & Play: Easy replacement to your existing 7inch Head Lamps •ECE certificate

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  • IndustrialIndustrial
  • Offroad 4x4Offroad 4x4
  • BusesBuses
  • PickupPickup
  • MotorcyclesMotorcycles
  • AgricultureAgriculture
  • ConstructionConstruction
  • MiningMining
  • TramsTrams
  • CaravansCaravans
  • MilitaryMilitary
  • VansVans


  • IATF 16949IATF 16949
  • ISO 9001ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001ISO 14001
  • ECE R10ECE R10
  • RoHSRoHS
  • IP6K9KIP6K9K
  • ISO 7637ISO 7637
  • ShockShock
7 inches headlight High Beam Low Beam Headlights with DRL
  • 7 inches headlight High Beam Low Beam Headlights with DRL
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  • Input Voltage Range  12V / 24V
    High beam Current  1.71A@12V/ 0.86A@24V
    Low beam Current  2.52A@12V/ 1.22A@24V
    DRL Current  0.66A@12V/ 0.32A@24V
    Power  40.8W
    Color Temp.  6000K
    Operating Temp.  -40°C ~ +80°C
    Storage Temp.  -40°C ~ +85°C
    Outer Lens Material  Polycarbonate
    Housing Material  Die-cast Aluminum
    Certificate  ECE
    Height  177 mm
    Width  177 mm
    Depth  104 mm
    Inner Bezel  Black/ Chrome
    Part Number  Description
    G30901  For LHD Vehicles
    G30902  For RHD Vehicles
    G30905  SAE Versions
    G30909  For Motorcycles


    led lights for cars headlights

    • Superior Durability
    • High beam: Wide and long beam with center-weighted light distribution
    • Low beam: Medium length and width with a sharp and clearly asymmetric cut-off line
    • Daytime running lights
    • Good visibility
    • Cars Trucks
    • 4x4 Trucks
    • Big Truck
    • Off-road 4x4
    • Commercial Truck
    • Specialty Vehicles
    • Universal application
    • Aftermarket Headlights
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